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Community Events

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    To benefit The Open Door Food Pantry

    North Country Subaru believes that good business is more than just a high sales rate and excellent customer service.

    Good business is gratefully accepting the gifts you are given.

    Good business is using your resources to give back to the community.

    Visit our sales floor and service department to learn more about our current DRIVE FOR HUNGER to benefit The Open Door Food Pantry on Lawrence Street in Glens Falls.

  • Ethics in Business Award
    Adirondack Samaritan Counseling Center

    Eric Lendrum was the 2015 Recipient of the Ethics in Business Award from the Adirondack Samaritan Counseling Center.

    The Counseling Center recognizes the connections of ethical behavior to the physical, psychological and spiritual health of the community, as explored in the Scriptural story of the Good Samaritan. The Center affirms the influence of employment practices, business conduct and workplace conditions on mental health. In sponsoring the Ethics in Business Awards, the Center is promoting ethical practices in our communities, encouraging local businesses, agencies and individuals to aspire to be considered for the awards. The awards also serve as a way for the Center to raise its public profile and to raise money for the Center's operation.

    The Adirondack Samaritan Counseling Center Board of Directors worked closely with SUNY Adirondack's second-year business ethics class to develop a rigorous and quantitative analysis to measure the ethical behavior of each of the nominees. The Center recognizes the unique challenges of "measuring" ethics, and criteria were established to review nominees' core values such as integrity, fairness, honesty, community involvement and public service.

  • Race the Train 2016
    Johnsburg Dollars for Scholars, Inc.

    North Country Subaru is the proud sponsors of RACE THE TRAIN, an event that raises funds for Johnsburg Dollars for Scholars, Inc. The event will take place on August 6, 2016 and is an 8.4 mile course along wooded rolling hills. Ride the train from North Creek station to Riparius station - race it back to North Creek! 1 mile Family Fun Run for all ages follows. Have some fun for Johnsburg Dollars for Scholars!

    Click here to learn more about this amazing race!

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    of the Southern Adirondacks

    During Subaru's "Share the Love" Campaign of 2014, North Country Subaru was able to help raise over $8000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Southern Adirondacks.

    In 2015, Eric Lendrum was named Honorary Big Brother of the Year for his many efforts to contribute to the organization.

    North Country Subaru is a passionate advocate of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Southern Adirondacks. Learn more about this amazing organization by visiting their facebook page at

  • Subaru Loves to Care
    At the CR Wood Cancer Center

    On June 22, 2016, Jared and Eric Lendrum visited the Charles R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital. North Country Subaru partnered with the Albany Chapter of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to deliver 63 blankets and two baskets full of warm hats, books, movies, and treats to the patients at the Cancer Center. Representatives from Glens Falls Hospital and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society met with the Lendrums and accepted the baskets on behalf of the patients.

  • Black Sheep Honey & Norray's Honey
    Black Sheep Honey & Norray's Honey

    Located in the beautiful countryside of Berne, New York, Tim and Jill Norray are third generation beekeepers and incredibly passionate about what they do.

    The Norray family, sister and brother-in-law to North Country Subaru owner Ken Lendrum, care for thousands of bees. In addition to beekeeping they harvest and distribute honey, assist aspiring beekeepers in cultivating their own farms via the sale of queens and worker bees, and educate the next generation about the habits of bees and their impact on the environment.

    Pollination is, quite simply, transferring grains of pollen from one plant to another, to fertilize the ovaries of flowers.  While some plants rely on wind to provide pollination, and others are self-pollinating, most flowering plants need the services of natural pollinators, such as honeybees, to do the work. Many of the crops grown require the use of pollinators: so important are honeybees as pollinators that many farmers will pay beekeepers to have hives located on their land. By using honeybees as pollinators, crop yields can be increased by as much as 300%. Local crops such as canola, alfalfa, and sunflower benefit immensely from the use of our honeybees as pollinators. A good pollination system is part of a healthy eco-system.

    In addition to the benefits that our honeybees provide to the agricultural industry, they also provide similar pollination services to wild plants and flowers. Many of our trees, such as willow and poplar, benefit from the pollination services of honeybees, which help to preserve and spread our natural forests. The wealth of flowering plants that blanket the prairies owe much of their existence to the visits of the honeybees:  in fact, many flowers evolved in conjunction with the bees. To remove the bees from the environment would mean the demise of many species of flowers and plants that we take for granted. 

    Many of the plants that our honeybees help to foster provide seeds, fruit, and nuts that feed numerous animal species native to America. This is an indirect benefit of honeybees, but a crucial one. If bees were removed from the environment, not only would the plants suffer and expire, but so would many natural animal species that depend upon those plants for their own survival. Loss of honeybees would mean the collapse of the natural ecosystem, so the value of bees aside from the simple production of honey cannot be underestimated.

    For more on Black Sheep Honey & Norray's Honey, visit their website at

  • Military Incentive Program
    The Subaru Military Incentive Program

    The Subaru Military Incentive Program is a vehicle discounting program for active duty military personnel; offering an exclusive discount on any New Subaru in-stock

    Program Details:
    • Available to Active Duty Military personnel and his or her spouse only. Does not extend to retired personnel.
    • Offers Employee Discount pricing PLUS any National Subaru incentives being offered during current month's program period.
    • Must be registered/titled to Eligible Personnel (or spouse). Not for commericial use.
    • Must have valid proof of eligibility. See list below.
    • Low Rate Financing offers also available.

    What to Bring:
    Eligible Participants are required to present verification of active military status such as: 
    1) Most recent Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) -or- 
    2) Department of Defense correspondence attesting to duty
    status -or-
    Subaru Military Status Eligibility Certificate. 

    4) Valid United States Driver's License
    5) Proof of registered home-of-record (if different from address on license).

    For specific questions regarding the Subaru Military (VIP) Incentive Program, please contact:

    Eric Lendrum
    North Country Subaru
    616 Quaker Rd. Queensbury, NY

  • 2015 Organizations We Sponsored

    Camp Under the Woods Foundation
    Memories On Wheels
    75th Annual William F. Eddy Track Meet
    Bowl for Kid's Sake
    Adirondack Theatre Festival
    Strides Against Sarcoma
    Wine and Chocolate Tasting
    Lake George Triathlon Festival