The End of the Tribeca

It has been anticipated for many years... With the success of the 2010-newer Outback, it was all just a matter of time until the Tribeca fell into obsolescence. If it had one marketable feature/benefit over the Outback it was the third-row seat, but anyone who has spent time in one knows that only a kindergartener could fit there.

So, where did this Euro-style crossover SUV come from? It certainly doesn't fit the mold of a typical Subaru. The answer actually comes from General Motors. In an attempt to combat Volvo's XC-90, General Motors decided that SAAB (who they acquired full ownership of by 2000) needed a similar Crossover. At the time, GM also had a small share of Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru's parent company) and wanted their new "SAAB" SUV to have the marketability of Subaru's Boxer Motor and All-Wheel Drive.

Before the future SAAB SUV was finished, GM sold their shares in Fuji Heavy Industries to Toyota, who gave the SUV back to Subaru. Thus the Tribeca was born.
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