The Modern Muscle Car

Some have criticized the WRX for being to big or being too much like the Impreza. Either, it's too small, or it doesn't look "Rally" enough. But have you wondered why?

Those who have expressed interest in it at the dealer level have said that it is the "modern muscle car" because it is capable of racing, commuting, and hauling the family regardless of the weather. But to whisper "muscle car" about anything that doesn't fall under the GM, Ford or Dodge banner is blasphemy right? WRONG!

Muscle Cars were founded under principles of use, not origin. That use being just what was said about the WRX: You can drive grandma to the market and go racing on the same day. But lets take this one farther! WRX doesn't care what the weather is outside (unlike your RWD V8). Its the working man's toy that still meets his wife's compromise to be the family patriarch. It has top safety ratings, German car performance, and a Scandinavian All-Weather attitude.

There is still one criteria missing. Where is it made? For now the WRX is 100% Japanese. So there is the one thing missing to be "an 'Merican Muscle Car." But remember, GM, Ford, and Dodge don't build a single competitor to the WRX 100% anywhere. Especially not in the USA.

Subaru is putting a new production line in their Indiana Facility. The plan is to produce Foresters, Imprezas, and Crosstreks, but heed this warning. If they flip the switch on WRX, there will be a new American Muscle Car.
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