Welcome to the North Country Subaru Racing Team webpage.

Much of the staff at our dealership happen to be car racing enthusiasts. In fact, there are 6 members of North Country Subaru who are active members of the SCCA. We have a wide range of backgrounds too; from big block American Sedans to Vintage Jaguars, Spec Miatas and of course... our beloved Subarus.

Though we do not build entire race cars for clients as of yet, we do all of our own rollcage work and handling/alignment preparations here at our dealership on Quaker Road in Queensbury. And there is always a racecar here for you to check out when you visit. Who knows, if we see you in a Subaru at the track, you may end up on here with us!

The first laps of the July Sprints at Watkins Glen. Check out the action behind me in turn 1!

The First Lap of the First Race with our BRZ Race Car!

North Country Subaru promotes safe and lawful driving. All "racing" vehicles on this page are intended for off-road use at sanctioned racing venues only.
The content on this page is intended as entertainment for our enthusiasts. NOT as an instructional "how-to" for your own vehicle. All modifications made to the vehicles listed on this page can and will void your manufacturers warranty. All stages of fabrication are performed by trained professionals or under the supervision of professionals to off-road use only vehicles.

North Country Subaru Racing is based out of the Subaru Dealership on Quaker Rd. in Queensbury, NY. Stop on by and visit our showroom even if its just to talk about racecars!
The North Country Subaru BRZ during its first Race at Watkins Glen International Raceway.

BRZ Build Video

Who teaches fast but safe racetrack driving? Click the icon link below to visit the Patroon Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America.

  Visit: Patroon BMW CCA

Also Visit our Regional chapter of the SCCA:

"Don't drive like a fool when you're on public roads...
If you want to drive fast, save it for the track."